aventybike - what is it?

There are thousands of velomobiles in the world, and there is AventyBike. Inspired by the design of Lamborghini cars it was created as the result of loving sport cars and velomobiles. The main assumption was – it has to be one of a kind! 

And it is!

AventyBike – one-person, all-year-round, fully enclosed bike, that can be engine assisted. It is environmental and user friendly, and its design makes it stand out from the crowd.

design revolution

There are velomobiles and there is AventyBike. The only one that looks so modern, fast, and sporty. Many velomobile creators focus only on the aerodynamics of the vehicles, which makes the velomobiles look round and oval. AventyBike comes with both – an excellent aerodynamic shape and sharp lines in its sports car-inspired body. 


The exact measurements will be presented soon – the vehicle is being tested now and the measurements are being taken.

AventyBike’s features:

the creator

Kamil Różański

Kamil Różański is a mechanical engineer, fascinated by cycling and velomobiles. He has run several businesses for years, and came up with AventyBike about 10 years ago. He came a long way from the first pencil sketches to the final version of the velomobile. Working as an intern at the Aero-Bike company in Kalisz allowed him to get experience with building recumbent bicycles, velomobiles and master laminate components.

It is important to remember that creating AventyBike was an 8-year long process of designing, drawing, laminating, testing, modifying, testing and modifying again to get the best result. A dream came true thanks to thousands of hours spent in a workshop. There has never been a similar velomobile in the world, what makes AventyBike absolutely unique


AventyBike comes in different options:

  • The AventyBike body
  • The AventyBike velomobile

Price list

To be announced soon…


Contact us!

Kamil Różański

+48 880 30 50 70